Jungmaven - 100% Hemp Tee <br>Washed Black

Jungmaven - 100% Hemp Tee
Washed Black

$ 94.00

This is not your average T-Shirt. The Heavier Weight 6.8oz 100% Hemp Tee wears and forms to fit your body perfectly well, it feels really good on. Read on to learn more...


 • It's naturally antimicrobial, moisture wicking and fast drying

 • The long staple hemp fibers in our mid-weight jersey will wear in like a great pair of jeans that fits you perfectly.

 • 100% hemp jersey dyes up exceptionally well in deep saturated colors.

 • Classic fit with relaxed neckline

 • If properly laundered a 100% tee will far outlast a cotton tee 


 • Jungmaven 100% Hemp mid-weight fabric

 • White and Natural can look semi-sheer when layered. WOMEN

 • Garment dyed

 • Made in the USA with quality globally sourced materials

 • Machine wash cold, tumble dry low heat

Garment Care

 • Avoid washing 100% hemp with towels (will cause abrasion and pilling) or garments with zippers (they may snag the fabric)

Outside Magazine "This Could be the Last T-Shirt You'll Ever Buy".

- Wash and Dry to immediately soften up.

- 100% Hemp is a luxury textile, natural fiber that just feels good.

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