Brand New Noise Voice Recorder - Lil' MIB (Message In a Box)
Brand New Noise Voice Recorder - Lil' MIB (Message In a Box)

Brand New Noise Voice Recorder - Lil' MIB (Message In a Box)

$ 69.00

WHAT IS IT A handheld voice recorder with pitch control knob and a red flag you can raise to let someone know there's a message waiting. Handmade in USA. Brooklyn, NY


A customer from Hawaii emailed us to say the voice recorder he originally purchased for his music studio had ended up at home because he and his wife fell in love with it. In fact, they both loved it so much that they began exchanging messages for each other everyday. However, they found themselves wishing the voice recorder had some sort of indicator to let the other one know when a new message had been left. And so…VOILA! Out into the world popped our Lil’ Mib (message in a box). This adorable special edition has heart-shaped eyes and a red flag you can raise to indicate a new message is awaiting, just like an old school mailbox.  

3.5+ year-old whose first words were "I love you"
design-savvy friend who's a romantic at heart
teen who just got grounded for too much Snapchatting
weddings, anniversaries, birthdays or Valentine's

1. Hold red record button; say something sweet into microphone nose.
2. Press black button to play back or stop what you recorded.
3. Turn pitch knob left and right (but don't turn past resistance).
4. Once you've got the message just right, raise the red flag on the back and set in a place where you know your special someone will be sure to see it.

Dimensions: 3” x 3.5” x 2”
2-AAA batteries included
30-second record sample
Handmade with sustainable wood

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