Bickmore - Hat Care Kit Light

Bickmore - Hat Care Kit Light

$ 34.00
The convenience of hat care all in one case!

The kit contains:
1-can 5.5 oz. of Ultra X Light Hat Cleaner.

1-can 5.5 oz. of Gard-More Water and Stain Repellent.

1-Light colored hat cleaning brush.

1-brochure on "How to Care for Your Hat".

Here are some basic Hat Care Tips:
When putting on or removing your hat, hold the brim, front and back, near the crown. Avoid flexing the brim or crown.
A hat stand or hat box is the preferred way to store your hat to avoid damage.
The best defense against dirt and grime is to pre-treat your hat with Gard-More, a water and stain repellent.
Proper Daily Care
Brush regularly to remove dust and loose dirt.Re-treat with Gard-More. If the felt or straw hat gets wet or sweaty, turn the sweatband down and allow the hat to dry slowly without the use of heat or fans, etc.
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